About Us

Our vision is to provide the most innovative and advanced therapeutic interventions allowing our patient’s to achieve unparalleled outcomes.


At ARS Hand and Physical Therapy, your outcome relies on the vigor of our process. Our exclusive model facilitates recovery based on personalized attention and customized treatment.

  • Individualized Assessment: Your injury does not exist in isolation. We allow ample time beyond the industry standard to identify all of your needs for treatment.
  • Manual Therapy: Your dedicated therapist will utilize hands-on manual techniques as the foundation of treatment.
  • Personalized Treatment Plan: Your therapist will tailor a treatment program based on a mix of therapeutic approaches to maximize your potential for recovery.
  • Re-Assessment: Your response to treatment is re-evaluated each session. This allows us to regularly fine tune treatment for optimal results.
  • Oversight: As part of your program, we create a customized home therapy program that we monitor at regular intervals.
  • Value: We work with you on how to integrate activity and programs for wellness to ensure your health over the long term.
  • Education: We are firm believers in educating you about your condition and expect that transformation to living a healthy, pain-free life is both a process and the end-goal.