Our skilled physical therapists can effectively treat many different types of painful conditions in Springfield

painful conditions in springfield

Have you dealt with any pain in the last month or so? Has it prevented you from getting around or completing certain tasks normally? If you’ve answered yes to these two questions, there is a good chance it was—or is—some type of musculoskeletal disorder, which are extremely common conditions that cause disability in many individuals. There are lots of different musculoskeletal disorders, but our physical therapists can treat just about all of these painful conditions in Springfield with specific management programs.

A musculoskeletal disorder is an injury or condition that involves the musculoskeletal system—which includes the bones, muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons—and affects the body’s ability to move. These disorders are extremely common and have a large impact on an individual since they often prevent you from going to work and performing your job. To put this in perspective, approximately 30% of American adults are experiencing pain or restrictions in movement from musculoskeletal disorders at any given point in time.

Musculoskeletal disorders can develop anywhere in the body, but there are certain conditions that occur much more frequently than others. Back pain, especially low back pain, is by far the most common of all musculoskeletal disorders. It is the leading cause of disability in the U.S. for those under the age of 45, and more than 26 million Americans between 20-64 experience frequent back pain. Severe headaches and neck pain rank immediately after back pain. Other common musculoskeletal disorders include knee pain, shoulder pain, osteoarthritis, tendinitis and stress fractures.

It’s important to understand that most disorders are classified as acute, meaning it just occurred and caused symptoms right away. Only a small percentage of people go on to deal with a chronic musculoskeletal disorder, in which issues continue in the long term.

The causes for musculoskeletal disorders can be just as varied as their type and location. Some are caused on the spot by traumatic events like sports injuries and car accidents, while others can develop over time from repetitive motions, exercising incorrectly, bad posture or sitting for too long. Older age also increases the chances of dealing with these painful conditions. Each condition also comes with its own set of symptoms, but most generally involve pain, stiffness, swelling and restrictions with movement.

How our physical therapists and occupational therapists address painful conditions in Springfield

At ARS Hand and Physical Therapy, our physical and occupational therapists see and effectively treat patients with all kinds of painful conditions in Springfield. Treatment programs are customized specifically for the needs and abilities of each patient, and typically consist of the following:

  • Evaluation: before beginning treatment, we will perform a complete evaluation of each patient to determine the source of the pain and identify what type of musculoskeletal disorder may be present
  • Strengthening exercises: since many disorders develop due to weakness of certain muscles or muscle groups, one of the most fundamental components of treatment is to strengthen areas that are weak
  • Stretching exercises: lack of flexibility can also contribute to painful disorders developing, so we will work to increase the range of motion of joints that are not moving properly
  • Manual therapy: our physical and occupational therapists will also perform a series of mobilizations and manipulations to the soft tissue of injured areas to reduce pain and improve function
  • Posture training: if we believe your posture is having an affect on your condition, we will train you on how to sit and stand with correct posture
  • Lifestyle modifications: finally, we will identify habits and other lifestyle choices that may be contributing to your injury and work on ways to make necessary changes

If a musculoskeletal disorder is holding you back from enjoying your life, help is on the way. Our physical and occupational therapists deal with a variety of painful conditions in Springfield, NJ, and we would like to help you improve next. Contact ARS Hand & Physical Therapy at 973-379-7006 to schedule an appointment today, or click here for more information on musculoskeletal disorders.